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Depression Signs, Symptoms, Latest Treatments, Tests, and More

While everyone has experienced sadness, not everyone has experienced depression. If you’ve never been depressed, chances are you don’t have a real grasp of what living with this complex mental illness is like. Depression is insidious. It affects not only your mood, but also your ability to feel, think, and function. It blunts sensations of […]

Why Is It Still So Hard For Young People of Color to Get Therapy?

“Can I have her ID back, please?” I all but snatched the driver’s license from the receptionist and handed back it to Dahiana Rojas, a 25-year-old Latinx health aide who works with developmentally disabled people in New York. “We’ll figure something else out,” I told her. We were standing at the Helen Atkinson Health Center—the […]

How burnout affects mental health workers

Their day-to-day jobs involve solving other people’s emotional issues. So how do therapists avoid taking those issues home with them? Jessica Smith became a therapist for the same reason many mental health professionals go into the field – to help people. At graduate school, she developed a passion for working with people with substance abuse […]