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Psychological Services

Psychotherapy is offered for both short and long term treatment. Dr. Magny uses an integrative approach to psychotherapy

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Dr. Magny accepts referrals from primary care physicians for a variety of services including consultation, psychological testing,

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Dr. Magny offers routine consultation services to lawyers and their clients. In working with lawyers, we assist legal proceedings

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Dr. Harrald Magny, PHD

Clinical Psychology

Dr. Magny provides psychological services tailored to the individual and their unique needs. Treatment begins with a personal consultation where the client’s situation is assessed and a plan of action is designed to address important issues and questions. These treatment plans may involve psychotherapy suitable for the specific needs of the client such as treatment for depression, anxiety, relationship issues or work related problems.

How I Can Help You

Individuals Seeking Services

Dr. Magny accepts referrals directly from individuals seeking care or consultation for themselves or their loved ones.

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Corporations and Institutions

Consultations and workshops can be provided to institutions and corporations on various mental health

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Professionals Seeking Services

Dr. Magny values the idea of comprehensive treatment and strive to integrate medical and psychological health …

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